All Star DJs


Website Design & SEO

All Star DJs is a Southern Colorado wedding & entertainment company that specializes in wedding receptions, corporate events, audio/video and lighting production.  This company has been around for about 23 years and in 2016 needed a refresh to their brand.

Web Design With The User In Mind

When we took on this project we wanted to make sure we took into account who the primary users would be.  In this case, we knew our primary user would be brides, so we designed the site and flow with them in mind.  Imagery tells the story, and we wanted this site’s users to be compelled to act based on the imagery and feeling of the site


Making sure this site is seen through the very crowded wedding services market was of paramount importance.  We carefully crafted the on page content to maximize the SERP ranking. This site ranks between 1 and 3 for each of their target keywords, which nets them a significant benefit in capturing leads and closing clients.

Helping small businesses capitalize on opportunities created by solid tech creates such a feeling of fulfillment for me! – BRANDON LEE

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