Ace Collection


Shopify E-Commerce Website Redesign

The Ace Collection is an oversized mattress and bedding accessories company out of Los Angeles, CA.  They specialize in unique, high quality mattresses starting at over 80″ wide up to 144″ wide.  They approached me and asked for help in redesigning their Shopify site to enhance the user experience and close more sales.

E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce websites can be pretty daunting, trying to optimize the user experience while maximizing sales is usually a difficult solution.  However, with the Ace Collection site, we were able to marry the two objectives and create a really solid, high performing e-commerce site.

Site Flow

The Ace Collection catalog of products is vast!  They have oversized mattresses, headboards and platform beds to match, and also all of the bedding accessories you could ask for.  Helping buyers navigate the large array of products, meant we had to simplify the buying process.  We broke the site into 4 groups, with the 3 different mattress sizes, making the customer journey an easy one.  By intuitively creating simple product categories, we made selecting your mattress, the base, headboard, and accessories, a frictionless quest to a better nights sleep.

Much Better Conversion Rate

Because of our redesign, the acesize.com shopper conversion rate increased significantly.   The site continues to see increased sales and revenue because of our intelligent design.  We also upgraded the automation within the site to cut down on time wasting tasks that automation now handles for the site owner.

Helping small business owners fulfill their destiny provides a great sense of accomplishment and value for me and my company.– Brandon Lee

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