McNew Associates


SEO Optimization for McNew & Associates, Inc

McNew & Associates is Colorado Springs based business that helps companies nationwide that are doing business with the US Government.  They are in a niche market of DCAA Compliant Accountants, while niche, the vertical is not small.  There is considerable competition in this field and a highly ranking website is very desirable.



We took over managing the McNew Associates website SEO in Jan of 2018, they were using another high profile company previous to us, but the results were paltry.  We took over with the expectation that within 6 months we could have the site ranking on the first page of SERP (search engine results pages) for a handful of their site keywords.  We set the proper expectations and got to work.  We employed numerous strategies to gain immediate traction and within 4 months we went from pages 12 and 13 to pages 2 and 3.

The Importance of Blogging

We began implementing a blogging standard for the company and began producing 2 blog posts a month, as you can imagine accounting isn’t super exciting, nor sexy, so content is tricky to capture and engage their audience.  Once we got the blogging production rolling, we immediately began to see jumps in keyword ranking.  Within 8 months we began ranking on pages 1-3 for about 34 keywords and continue to increase ranking for secondary and tertiary keywords.  We continue to blog to this day, and the company is reaping the benefits of a solid SEO plan with new clients every month.


Taking a project from idea to traction to success is one of the biggest thrill rides and, at the same time, the most exhausting journeys you can participate in.– BRANDON LEE

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