Gold Gets It Sold


Real Estate Website for Gold Gets It Sold

Gold Gets It Sold is a Colorado Springs, CO real estate company that specializes in Military Relocation services and the local market.  Prior to seeking out our services, this company used the template site provided by realtor.com.  In the increasingly crowded space of real estate professionals, the Gold Gets It Sold team needed to stand out in their digital presence.


Part of our mission to help small businesses is to provide digital solutions for real problems.  For the Gold Gets It Sold project, we used automation in their business to save them upwards of 10 hours per week in manual data entry and follow up.  We then took this same philosophy to their website and created smart integrations for populating real estate data into the site.

Extra Attention to Details

Most of our clients aren’t web and tech savvy.  We take it upon ourselves to go deeper in our conversations with them and try to uncover underlying information that will help us create smart solutions for their business.  Because we are small business owners as well, we can relate to many of our client’s struggles.  Going the extra mile for our clients and being proactive in our approach has allowed us to accelerate results and truly serve our client’s needs.

I truly believe in the saying, work smarter not harder, and we strive to make this a reality for our clients.– BRANDON LEE

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