Roost Coffee House


Website, Mobile Loyalty program and Social WiFi marketing

The Roost Coffee House is located inside Till Kitchen as in-venue entity.  It’s the only coffee house with seating for a 12 block radius.  Like many other coffee houses, lots of traffic flows through the Roost on a daily basis, from people stopping in to grab a to-go cup, to those with meetings and collaborations.


Social WiFi

Social WiFi has more uses than just marketing.  By identifying the users consuming our WiFi bandwidth, we are able to monitor usage data and ensure users are not downloading or uploading mass amounts of content (i.e. torrents, pirate movies & software, etc).  If we identify someone abusing the system we can ban their device by it’s MAC address, keeping the network clear of illegal activity.  While our network monitors are working in the background, the data collected from the WiFi users helps Roost make smarter decisions on promotions and sales.  Our WiFi devices collect tons of valuable information, not only about those in the coffee house, but also those devices passing by the business on 2 different radius levels.  We can monitor those close to the venue, and then those barely in reach of the venue.  This tells the Roost about the overall traffic going by their business every hour of every day, we call this presence analytics, and it’s free as part of our Social WiFi service.

Mobile Loyalty

Roost was using the typical paper punch cards for their loyalty program before we came along.  We brought their loyalty program to another level with our mobile wallet punch card.  Customers can sign up by scanning a QR code or logging into the Social WiFi, the mobile loyalty card goes directly into their Apple or Google Pay Wallet, and is always with them.  No more lost physical punch cards nor worry about fraud cards.  Our mobile loyalty card also allows us to send push notes to the members, highlighting sales, important announcements and events.  Roost’s mobile loyalty has over 4,000 users and sees over 300 punches per month.  Pairing the Social WiFi and the Mobile Loyalty is a 1 -2 punch toward success for any retail business.



Maximizing easy tech installations that reap huge rewards for the business is the reason I am in this business.– BRANDON LEE

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