Taylor Incorporated


E-Commerce Site for Taylor Incorporated

Taylor Inc is an e-commerce store selling outdoor commercial furniture.  The site they were using prior to contracting with us was a wordpress site that was not e-commerce.  They were using some images, descriptions, and sku#’s to sell products online, by sending catalogs and cut sheets to the clients.

Enhanced Sales Process

When we took over the Taylor Inc website we knew we needed to bring the site up-to-date as a fully functioning e-commerce platform.  We transformed the site into a very user friendly, interactive sales site.  Clients are able to easily find the products they want, add them to the cart and check out in a very friction free process.  This also freed up time for the sales team of Taylor Inc to focus less on sharing info about products to actually selling the products and processing orders.

Higher Conversion Rate

Setting up the new website as a true e-commerce site allowed Taylor Inc to beautifully display their products and product options.  This increased sales dramatically for them, as clients could easily envision the products on their properties and thematically build their shopping carts to fit their design.  Removing the barriers to purchase, made the sales process slicker and quicker, for both clients and Taylor Inc.

Helping small business owners realize the true value of their digital assets is very rewarding, for me and the business owner.– BRANDON LEE

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